PowerUP adoption

Paying customers. Avid users. Devoted followers. Outspoken promoters. Nothing else does as much to drive success.

That’s the key to success whether you’re […]

Business psychology to PowerUP Brilliance™ with investors, buyers, boards, caregivers and global X-functional teams - to drive revenue with bold innovation.

  • Courage to Act

    Courage to Act

    With 5 Courage Builders, revitalize yourself and your team to profit in tough times. With Prof Rod Napier  More about the book >>

  • PowerUP Brilliance™

    PowerUP Brilliance™

    Lead from the middle, sharpen thinking, take charge, lift matrix teams and alliances to breakthrough results.  More about the book >>

Where can your enterprise go if leaders PowerUP Brilliance™ to…
Out-innovate your competitors
Out-think difficulties
Out-maneuver silos and barriers
Out-perform yesterday's icons